Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Snow Day Ever for Mammals of Nova Scotia Volunteers

It snowed here last night! We woke up to snow everywhere! We are having the first snow day that Earthwatch volunteers have had for Mammals of Nova Scotia. We can't go out now
because there is too much snow. For the Californians here, it's their first snow day
ever to miss "work" so that's pretty neat. This is also a good opportunity to share that there are 7 volunteers, including myself. Here's where they're from:
  • 2 people are from San Francisco
  • 1 person is from Chicago
  • 1 person is from DC
  • 1 person is from Minnesota (Not sure which city)
  • 1 person is from Brooklyn, New York
  • I'm from North Carolina!
  • Chris and Christina lived in England before moving to Nova Scotia but Christina is originally from Germany.
    This is the "Green House" that we are staying in. If we had more volunteers, there is also a "Yellow House" that is used. The bedroom I'm staying in is on the bottom floor and the window is right by the truck.
    It's snowing more inland, which is one reason we can't go out now.
    More snow....It's pretty!


  1. Andi,
    I have enjoyed following your blog. It looks like you are learning and having fun! It is only supposed to get up to 80 degrees here today! Have fun and I'll keep watching....
    Charla Trogdon

    1. Thank you! It's been fun doing this blog. I am learning and having fun. I was pleased yesterday when I played trivial pursuit with one of the scientists and didn't do too badly! Sounds hot there and it's still snowing here!

  2. I wish it would snow here! (Ally)

    I feel sorry for you because it's probably cold. (Alta May)

    Did you all have a snowball fight? (Jamir)

    LUCKYYYYYYYY! (Zander)

    Do you like the snow? (Taylor)

    Is it hard to walk in the snow? (Jahquez)

    Do you have fast food restaurants close by? (Trinity)

    Did you walk through slush? (Andre)

    Would you want to visit Nova Scotia again? (Lauryn)

    We miss you! Have a nice day!

    The "Krazies"

    1. Ally~ the snow is pretty!
      Alta May~ I don't mind. I knew what I was getting into and it's warmer than when I visited Yellowstone!
      Jamir~ we talked about having a snowball fight but we didn't. :(
      Zander~ yes! :) I agree!
      Taylor~ I love snow! Don't you?
      Jahquez~It didn't snow enough to make it hard to walk in the snow. When I was in Yellowstone, it was hard to walk and we often used snowshoes.
      Trinity~To your surprise, the closest fast food restaurant is about 30 minutes away and the closest convenience store is about 15 minutes away. Even then, there's not a big selection. The grocery store we're using is called Sobey's.
      Andre~Yes, I've walked through slush. It's one reason my clothes are so dirty.
      Lauryn~I wouldn't mind visiting Nova Scotia again but I also really like to go to new places (especially if I'm paying for it).

      I miss you, too! I love your questions!!! How did the game go?