Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More info for today....

Please excuse the typo about being hypothermia. I think I started to say "being too cold" so excuse the error. To let you know what we'll be doing the rest of the week so you can think of some questions, I will give you a little of our schedule.
  • We have breakfast at the house each morning. Lunch is typically wherever we are out in the field. Dinner is back at the house. Chris or Christina cook and we clean.
  • Throughout this week, we will frequently be checking the mouse traps. I'm not exactly sure yet what we'll do with what we find but I'll fill you in as I learn.
  • We are supposed to continue to look for poop. I believe we are going to try to look for snowshoe hare poop and deer poop. Some volunteers saw beer poop today but it was old. Hopefully, they are still hibernating. Climate changes sometimes confuse them. I hope to share more about this later.
  • We are supposed to set up camera traps so we can see what goes in when we aren't around.
  • Beaver watching is on the agenda.
  • Toward the end of the week, we will have to collect all the mouse traps. I sure hope I find all of mine. They are expensive!
  • On Sunday, we are scheduled to go to Kejimkujik National Park (I have no idea how to say that).
I forgot to tell you something interesting that you may not know. Some people here speak English and French. The leaders here are from England so they have an accent. The other volunteers say I sound very Southern. I don't think that's a bad thing!
I hope there are more questions soon!


  1. It sounds like it is really cold up there this year! I have a question for you..... Last year we put styrofoam jackets around each trap before we set them. I can tell from your pictures that you aren't using those this year. I'm curious as to why. Did Chris and Christina learn that they didn't really help insulate the traps or is there another reason?

    You will have fun at Keji when you go on Sunday! It's beautiful there! (Not that it isn't where you are now, it's just different.) Have a wonderful day!

    1. They said they didn't think they needed the styrofoam when they were planning because it was so warm last week but that we probably should have used it since it is so cold.

  2. It is cold! We didn't use styrofoam but I will ask today. I did tell them you said hello!
    More to come soon~Andi