Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking a hike over rocky terrain....

Today we learned a great deal about mammals from Christina during a talk after breakfast. We laughed a lot at all the things we didn't (and probably should) know about mammals. We then took a four mile hike around the coast over some rocky terrain. I had to be really careful because I'm extremely clumsy. (Anyone who knows me well knows that.) We saw lots of poop! We were actually looking for it because poop tells you a lot about the animals that are in the area, what they've been eating, and more. I even correctly identified bobcat poop! To use alliteration, I can say I was pretty proud about poop! :) We saw a tree that porcupines had been feasting on and even saw a deer leg! Yes, just one leg. Some poor deer is hobbling around with only 3 legs. hahahahaha Seriously, the deer could have simply died of natural causes but Chris, one of the leaders, said it very well could have been a coyote. Chris and Christina's dog, Lycos, really wanted it as is evidenced in the picture. Check out the pictures and thank you to those of you who are posting! I look forward to reading more from you!



  1. Hello Ms. Webb! Greetings from Alderman Road Elementary! We are visiting your blog during our Morning Meeting, and we have come up with some questions for you.

    1. Are you having fun? (Jamir)
    2. How cold and wet was Niagara Falls? (Ally)
    3. What did the bobcat poop look like? (Bryce)
    4. Did you see the deer walking on 3 legs? (Andre)
    5. How much money did this whole trip cost? (Jacob)
    6. Is it cold enough to get sick? (Kaylin)
    7. What kind of mammals do you hope to see? (Gaige)
    ** We hope you get to see the whales!! (Taylor)
    8. Where do you sleep? (Lauryn)
    9. Where are you going next? (Jahquez)

    Well, we don't want to ask you too many questions, because we know that you are keeping busy. We are very excited to keep up with your blog to learn about mammals and weather patterns in Nova Scotia. Don't get too close to that poop!! hehe!!

    Have a wonderful day! WE MISS YOU!!


    Kovalcik's Krazies

    PS. That is our team name for when we play softball against the other classes in 4th grade. We play Ms. Prichard's class on Wednesday.

  2. Hello, everyone!!! Oh, I am soooooo excited you all are following the blog! You are the very first class I've heard from! I am also extremely excited you have questions. Mrs. Kovalick~thank you so much for letting the kids be involved. We are truly doing scientific research and it is great to bring this to the classroom. You just made my day! (Can you tell I'm excited?!)
    I am happy to answer your questions. Thank you for asking them!

    1. I am having fun! It is actually hard work but there is fun involved. I'll explain everything we did on my blog when I update it. Seeing Niagara Falls was also fun because it was my first trip and it was my first time going to Canada.
    2. Niagara Falls was very cold and wet....on the day I was there. Previously, it had been sunny and hot. The taxi driver told me a record breaking 85 degrees had just occured a day or two before. It was not like that when I went. Fortunately, I had a rain poncho so I stayed semi-dry but my jeans and shoes were soaked. The falls are beautiful, though, so it was worth it.
    3. Hahahahahaha! It was a lot like regular cat poop so that's how I knew. I have a cat and have to clean her litter. The leaders also explained about the different types of poop. The bobcat poop had hair in it and if you've been around cats, you know they get a lot of hair in their system and it comes out one way or the other! I went to Yellowstone 2 months ago and we did some similar research so I got familiar with wolf and coyote poop. Who knew poop could be so interesting?! (Certainly not me!) Another name for it is scat. I do not know why.
    4. The poor deer had long since been dead, I'm sorry to say. I was joking about the 3 legs! We do not often think about what happens to animals once they are attacked or die naturally. Think about this deer for instance. If it was attacked by a coyote the coyote would be the predator and the deer would be the prey. Once the coyote eats what it wants, the scavengers come along and eat what is left. Insects also eat it. Eventually, it decomposes and becomes part of the soil. This is all a part of the food chain.
    5. Good question! Fortunately, I'm not paying for it. I wrote what is called a grant. Sometimes people will sponsor you when you want to do something. This is sort of like how baseball and softball teams have sponsors. However, the difference is that you have to write what you want to do, how you will do it, etc. I was fortunate to receive this grant, which is worth $3,500-$4,000. I have to be out now because the people who set up the trip decide when it will be and if I wanted to go and accept the money, I had to go when and where they said. I applied to go to Ecuador but I got Nova Scotia. It didn't really matter to me, though. I did have to pay to go to Niagara Falls because that was not part of the grant.
    6. Yes. We were told today that today was the coldest they've ever experienced with a team here. When I say "they" I mean Chris and Christina. They are the scientists leading this trip. Today was pretty cold but I was fortunate because I went to Yellowstone National Park recently and it was much colder then. I was prepared. As you see in the pictures, I'm bundled up. I have on 3-4 layers of clothing specifically made for extremely cold weather.
    7. I want to see a whale really, really badly but found out on the first day here that we aren't going whale watching. I was very disappointed but I hope to get to go one day. We were told the drive was too long to get there and it isn't a good time to go right now. I'm not completely sure why but I don't have control over it. I would like to see a bear but I'd like to see it from far, far away! :)

    1. 8. We are staying in a regular house. I don't know if the leaders own it or Earthwatch (the program sponsoring/organizing) the trip. There are 7 team members here. I'm sharing a room with someone I didn't know before the trip. That's how it works on trips like this. When I went to Russia, I also had to share a room with someone I just met~the same thing for Yellowstone. It is different but a great way to meet people.
      9. I have plans to go to Africa this summer, as well as 8 different countries in Europe! I love to travel!
      I'm going to respond more but right now I'm being called for dinner so more to come soon! (If I don't go now, there will be nothing left!) Sorry if there are any typos because I don't have time to check!

      You guys are GREAT!

      I'm back! I had to send two separate replies because it will only allow me a certain amount of words for each reply.
      You didn't ask too many questions! I really enjoyed them and I hope you ask more. Thank you to the Kovalcik Krazies
      and I wish you all luck as you play Ms. Prichard's class! I hope you all are doing well and I miss you!