Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Voles, Trees, and Climate Change....

Checking a mouse trap

Checking a mouse trap....

Setting a camera to try and get pictures of deer~or anything else.

This is Kenta wishing he was in Costa Rica where it is warm.

This was the red-backed vole caught in my trap. (D6a was the trap #.) It was a boy and he peed here and pooped on the way to release him. To be honest, I didn't like this part very much. My vole was so cute but he was really scared.

Christina holding my vole.
Today was a long day. We checked our mouse traps and learned how to safely look for animals in the traps. We caught a shrew but, unfortunately, it did not live. They have to eat very frequently and it was in the trap too long. They die very easily and can have heart attacks easily also. We caught 2 voles today and released them. Another thing we did was to help pile tree limbs and small trees that had fallen in the woods. This created paths for animals, as well as created areas for various animals to create a home. We also listened to Chris talk to us about climate change.


  1. What are voles and shrews? (whole class)

    I think it's awesome that you are learning all of that cool stuff! (Lacie)

  2. Lacie,
    Thank you! I think it's pretty neat, too. I love doing new things. It is really interesting to go into a situation where you don't know anybody and you're all doing things you've never done before. Fortunately, it's a really great group and we're having a lot of fun. I've laughed harder than I have a in while. It's fun! I hope you all will enjoy science. There are so many, many things you can do when you study science.

    Kovalcik Krazies,
    The red-backed vole is a very small mammal that looks like a mouse but it has a shorter tail. The ones we've seen have reddish fur. It doesn't have big ears like a mouse does, though. It scurries away when you let it go.

    A shrew is an animal that eats insects. They are very tiny and can escape easily from the traps we use. It also looks sort of like a mouse but has a longer nose.

    Great questions!