Sunday, April 1, 2012

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

We've had a busy weekend! On Friday night, we went to a local restaurant and played a quiz game with the locals. There was even a group of teachers from the area there. It was fun!

On Saturday, we went into the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We also had to stop by the airport to drop off Paula, one of our team members who stayed one week. She was the only team member who was not a teacher. She is a therapist. I guess the leaders of our team figured a group of teachers needed a therapist!

While in Halifax, we visited the farmer's market. It is a really neat place and it was very busy. They sold produce, apple cider, flowers, various foods, and much more! We had lunch at the farmer's market and walked along the oceanside. Halifax is a pretty interesting city but many places were closed due to the time of year we are here. It's not their busiest season yet. We had dinner in a really interesting restaurant and our waitress wore a kilt!

On Sunday, we went to Kejimkujik National Park. We walked for a little over 6 miles through the forest and Chris told us all about the Hemlock trees there, as well as other trees, and about the animals that inhabit the forest. We also set up grid areas and looked for deer poop! The data collected today can be compared to data that has previously been collected.

We've had a pretty full weekend and are about to embark on our 2nd week here. Our schedule includes setting more small mammal traps (called Longworths), visit an organic farm to learn about sustainable forest management, study our data, look for more animal droppings, and more.

Some interesting things you may like to know about our trip that are just fun facts:
  • When we are working in the field, there are no bathrooms. We must use the forest!
  • 7 people (now 6) have been sharing 2 bathrooms for over a week and we're still managing to get along well so far! Let's hope that continues!
  • Chris is an excellent cook. The meals here are fantastic. Chris cooks most of our dinners. Christina usually takes care of breakfast for those who want bacon and eggs and she makes lunch for us to carry with us into the field. We even have dessert! Yum!
  • We're all doing things we've never done before so it's exciting.
  • Lycos (the dog) is a Greek word for wolf.
Nova Scotia is a beautiful place and I'm learning so much.


  1. beautiful photos, would love to see myself bet you all are having a good time, have a great week

    1. I think this is mama! If it is, I love you!

  2. Hello Ms. Webb! It sounds like you had a good weekend!! We won our game against Ms. Prichard's class! The score was 9 - 5. Mrs. Kovalcik was proud of our good sportsmanship more than the fact that we won. :0)

    What are you learning through the collection of deer poop? (Bryce)

    That is crazy that a bear knocked that tree down! (Andre)

    Have you or your friends seen bear poop yet? (Jamir)

    Well, we are getting ready to take our Spelling Pre-test. Hope you have a wonderful day! Talk to you soon!


    The Krazies

  3. WooHoo!!! Congratulations on your game! I, like Mrs. Kovalcik, am even more proud of good sportsmanship. Way to go! I'm very happy for you!

    Bryce~We are learning which animals are in the areas we are studying and we're learning how to identify them by their poop. The scientists can also get a good idea of how many of a certain type of animal is in an area by our grid counts. We're getting pretty good at identifying poop. Today I correctly identified porcupine poop!

    Andre~The bear didn't knock the tree down but it ravaged it so that it looks the way it does now. It did that to find the worms inside so it could eat them.

    Jamir~We have seen old bear poop from before they went into hibernation. I'm not sure I want to see fresh bear poop because then it would mean a bear was close to us!

    Mrs. Kovalick~Thank you again for this. I truly appreciate it.

    Good luck with the spelling tests, Krazies!