Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's hard to believe my wonderful experience in Nova Scotia is now over! The last couple nights were pretty busy so I apologize for not updating my blog then. On Thursday night, we went beaver watching. You had to sit very, very quietly so the beavers would not realize they were being observed. We were fortunate and saw at least 3 beavers! It was really interesting. Christina told us that if they noticed us, they would slap their tails on the water and then they would most likely not be seen again. She said if they did this, it would be so loud it would sound like a gunshot. We were pretty quiet so this didn't happen to us. The last picture I took there was of the beaver lodge and then....somewhere my camera must have fallen out of my pocket because I lost it. I am still hoping that Chris or Christina come across it. I am sad to lose the camera but most especially my memory card. I was so careful with it~I'm not sure how it happened. :(

Friday was our last full day and we spent the day hiking at Keji Seaside Adjunct. We hiked for about 5 miles. We saw seals there and while we were really on the lookout to see a porcupine, we did not see one. After our hike, we headed "home" for dinner and began to pack to head home.

We took a group picture on Saturday morning and headed to the airport. It was sad to say good-bye to everyone but it was also nice to be home.

Thank you to Earthwatch, the Henry Greenwalt Earthwatch Educator Fellowship, Michelle, Jennifer, Chris, Christina, all the friends I made, and Mrs. Trogdon for making this trip possible. I am extremely grateful for this experience.

~Andi Webb

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