Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A mouse today....

We just got back to the house after a full day in the field. We spent the morning checking our traps that we set out yesterday. The only trap that caught anything was actually mine and it was a white-footed mouse! It was so cute! Since Kenta had not had a chance to go through the process of taking one out of the trap, he did it for the mouse. He was nervous but did great! I named the mouse Minnie because it was a girl. When I released it, it sat still for a moment and then ran away.

After this, we set up grid areas and looked for deer poop. We found some but we found quite a bit of snowshoe hare poop. We had to crawl on the ground on our hands and knees looking for poop. I found vole poop, too!

After lunch, we spent the afternoon moving dead trees and branches to create habitat piles as we did before. Collecting these and putting them in piles clears part of the forest for animals to move easily but also creates an area they can live in.

After the habitat piles, we checked our traps again. Kenta's trap had a vole in it. It was his first time releasing an animal. So far, my traps have caught a vole, lemming, and mouse.

Sweet Minnie the Mouse!

Getting the mouse out of the trap

It's a girl! She's not being hurt here. She's being held by the nape as a kitten would be by it's mom.

Minnie and me!

Christina is holding deer poop in her left hand and deer and hare poop in her right hand. She is also holding deer hair I found during our grid search.

Susan lifting a big tree!

This is a vole that was originally caught last year. We know this because when the animals are caught, the scientists snip a tiny bit of their hair. It does not hurt them and helps the scientists to know if they've caught the same animal more than once. They are consistent with where they cut the hair also.

We went to the grocery store on the way back to the house. I wanted you to see items in English and French. Hmmmm....Can anyone tell that I love chocolate?

This is a tree I moved by myself!

All the Earthwatch members get to sign the Robin's Nest that is in the field near where we work. This is where I signed!

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  1. know you all have learned alot and had a great experience, be safe mom