Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is a tree stump that a bear dug through in search of grub worms. Chris said it probably occured in the fall.

This is Kenta helping me measure an area for a grid search to look for deer poop. This data will be used to compare with previous data.

Susan is looking very intently for deer poop. Susan is my roommate in Nova Scotia! (She doesn't snore so I'm very thankful!)

Setting up another area to search for deer poop

Deer poop search again~Chris would tell us, "Ready, set, poop!" instead of saying, "Ready, set, go!"

This is the lake by which we had a picnic. It was beautiful.

We're having lunch and Lycos is really wanting some cookies! He has a sweet tooth.

The lake at Kejimkujik National Park.

A very, very tall tree~Check out the left side~It has a very interesting formation.

This is dead wood. It is very important to a forest.

You can read in English or French to learn about the dead wood.

This is part of our 6 mile hike through the forest. A small portion of it has this boardwalk but we had to be careful because many areas still had snow and ice on it. Some areas even had a bit of chicken wire to help create friction so people do not fall.

Check out the roots of this tree! It's attached itself to granite.

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